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S:AaB Collector’s Edition DVD

When I heard that there was a collector'€™s edition of SPACE: Above and Beyond DVD'€™s coming out I thought surely after all this time there wouldn'€™t be anything new. But Medium Rare Group (who put the set together) has done an amazing job of not only digging up the content that should have been on the original set but also reuniting the original cast/creators for a retrospective look on the show. In fact for someone who just recently got the regular box set (Region 1 only) DVD'€™s I can say without a doubt that the collector'€™s edition is worth it.

Besides having all the episode that you know and love they have managed to add in some great gems:

  • Beyond And Back - A feature length retrospective documentary about the making of the series (75mins)
  • Designs For A Future War - Featurette that explores the look tone and design of the series (20 mins)
  • Audio Commentaries with Series Creators and Cast and Crew x 4
  • Deleted/Alternate Scenes
  • Original Cast Publicity Interviews
  • TV Spots
  • Stills Gallery - 01 Earth Forces 02 Chigs 03 Episodic

Let me start by saying that the Beyond And Back piece is great. It not only lets you hear from the Glen Morgan and James Wong but also the original cast and even some of the behind the scenes group such as the special effects team and designers of the ships. The fact that it was filmed recently I think adds to it as they all talk about their favourite parts of the show how it evolved over the season and they share their feelings about the ultimate demise of it. Even hearing Glen Morgan'€™s comparison to the recent Battlestar Galactica remake talks to S:AaB'€™s influence on the genera past it'€™s finale. They also get a chance to discuss what was happening behind the scene that lead to FOX cancelling it.

So with all this great content it begs the question... why Region 2 (UK and Europe). Well the group putting it together are based out of the UK and there never was a region 2 box set. As of this post Medium Rare Group '€œhave had no contact with Fox with regard to licensing our added value content'€ so for all of you in the States and Canada I can only recommend you get the Region 2 ones and a region free DVD player.

As a fellow fan I can say you will not be let down by this set. For all those interested you can order the DVDs from the Amazon UK: Space - Above and Beyond - Collector's Edition [DVD] (Includes Pilot Episode). If you don't have access to a Region 2 player and haven't got them yet you can always order the Region 1 (USA/Canada) DVDs as well Space: Above & Beyond [DVD] [1996] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]

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